Monday, August 27, 2012

Pre-recording notes for The Fringemunks' "Brave New World, Parts 1 & 2" single

Some notes:  I haven't even started recording, nor have I finished the lyrics.  But the concept seems like it will work.  Up to now, I've completed the first 13 episodic song recaps for Fringe Season 4, but I felt it was time to tackle the "Brave New World" 2-parter.

I won't give away which 2 songs will be parodied.  In fact, I won't announce them until the single is released(!).  There will be 2 individual songs on the Season 4 album (1 for each part), but the single release (which will utilize the above artwork) will combine both into 1.

At the end of the day on Fri., 8/31/2012, I'll be holding a drawing to see who will win an advance copy of the single.  Want to enter the drawing?  If so, click here.

Some notes for each "part":

Part 1 (Epis. 4.21):  Instrumentation will be simple but precise:  keyboards, some synth guitars (on keyboards, of course), and me playing my Fender double-strat electric guitar (a rarity, since I'm not a guitar player, although the instrument shows up on some previous Fringemunks songs like "A New Day in the Old Town" and "The Road Not Taken").  The song will contain possibly the most singalong section of any of the songs.  The movement I need depends entirely on feel, mood, and faithfulness to the storyline ... plus a bit of humor.  POV:  Peter.

Part 2 (Epis. 4.22):  Instrumentation will be loud.  Lots of keyboards.  I haven't decided if I'll use guitar (as in an actual guitar).  It's gonna be alright.  I may need to, or may not need to, add 1 or 2 more verses.  POV: Walter.