Wednesday, October 31, 2012

David Wu discusses Fringemunks' contest entry song "Backstory Ballad"

It's a song that you won't hear for another week - Nov. 7 - when The Fringe Podcast's "Bridge the Backstory Contest" entry deadline is reached.  But the song is complete, and will be submitted within a day.

It's a competitive entry, but the award is in its edginess as a fan-fic-or-humorous-or-something-else romp.  The lyrics itself are, by the nature of its "grasping for straws," 50% likely "true" and 50% joke.  But it succeeds as a semi-epic journey through the years 2012-2036 in the Fringe universe of "what if" tone.

It is a parody, but the parodied song won't be revealed here.  What can be revealed is how I took a detour from what I suspect will be the "usual suspects" in terms of what other contestants will cover in their bridge-the-gap storylines.  I take on characters and entities that may not otherwise have been covered nor cared about - but once mentioned, they and their fictional stories in this song will - assuming the Fringemunks "last" - remain a permanent record of wonder and potentially debatable would-have-been-an-interesting-route tone.

The song will subsequently be released as a track on The Fringemunks' odds-and-sods Bloody Rare compilation album.