Saturday, August 25, 2012

NOTES on the Fringemunks' Epis. 4.13 "A Better Human Being"


There's probably no other similar production in the Fringemunks' 74-song history, possibly with the exception of "The No-Brainer" (54 songs ago), which parodied "Poker Face."  Both productions didn't use my usual keyboard or piano playing - instead Reason (the software) was used, although one has to "play" the software's instruments musically as well.  Still this current release is of a different style altogether.

As is the norm, I chose the song (No Doubt's latest single) only because it provided an ideal lyrical framework for the storylines in the "A Better Human Being" episode.  The "I'm fine" pre-chorus was already identical to Olivia's "I'm fine" assertion, while also the correct amount of syllables (and similar sounding) for the "hive mind" lyric.

A few delays were used, sparingly but in good pressure points.  Fun song.

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