Friday, May 22, 2009

My Fringe theory: main characters are an "imperfect Trinity"

Here's my Fringe theory of the moment:

The three main characters—Dr. Walter Bishop, Peter Bishop and Olivia Dunham—are an imperfect trinity with parallels to the Holy Trinity. It's, in essence, "the same old story," told a little differently. Here's my basic analysis:

The Father: Dr. Walter Bishop
Walter himself admitted at the end of Epis. 1.02 that he was trying to play God when he tampered with Peter's history. From Epis. 1.09 and onward, Walter is seen sporadically holding a Bible in his hand or quoting scripture. Keep this in mind: Walter is a creator, though much of his creations led to misinterpretations (perhaps William Bell's ZFT "bible," which in itself has a cultic variant with the formerly missing chapter on ethics) and mis-use by scientists who had their own agenda.

The Son: Peter Bishop
Peter died in 1985. Then he was resurrected in 1985 by his father (or rather, taken from an alternate Earth). He enters into service as an FBI correspondent at age 30, the same age Jesus began his earthly ministry; although, Peter's ministry comes after his alternate's death, not before. Peter apparently has ability to read people's minds, and other powers he apparently has yet to tap into. Peter spent years in Iraq, whose territory plays a huge role in history as told in Bible.

The Spirit: Olivia Dunham
Note her childhood name, Olive, which has religious connotations to begin with. She is an interceder between the FBI and the Bishops, a liaison in every sense of the word, on multiple dimensions (and now in multiple dimensions it seems). As an FBI agent, she enforces, and paves the way for the conviction of evil-doers. If water signifies the Holy Spirit's presence in baptism, then Olivia's oneness with the water in the tank is representive of this concept.

In closing: this imperfect Fringe "trinity" works in concert with each other to save the world. And is there a "Judas" in their midst?

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