Monday, May 4, 2009

Fringe: My Prediction about Peter's Medical History

Warning: potential spoilers below, for those who haven't read the Fringe comics.

Time for me to share with you which Kool-Aid I'm drinking in regards to Peter Bishop's ambiguous medical history on Fringe:

I believe that Peter may actually be Walter's father. There are clues that point to this.

Dr. Nicholas Boone, in Epis. 1.18 "Midnight" asks Walter, "How far would you go for someone you love?" Walter pauses on this, and reflects. And we reflect as well, as there is somehow an interesting bond between Walter and his "son" Peter - Walter would rather go back to the mental institution than to be without Peter, for one thing. And we know that a teleportation device can not only drag people from any point on Earth, but from any time.

Then there's what's in the Fringe comics. In the final "Bell & Bishop" scene in the 4th of 6 comics, we find out that Walter's father was either a Nazi or worked for the Nazis... or somehow had a connection to the Nazis. What if somehow Walter whisked his father away from that lifestyle and path, causing an anomaly in time and family history.

The fugitive John Mosley from Epis. 1.04 "The Arrival" said to this to Peter about his "relative" under the tombstone: "shame you never met him." Perhaps there are different layers to this statement, but think of the logic that would stand if Peter WAS the relative supposedly buried.

(OK, we'll see how far off I am in the final two episodes of the season.)

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