Monday, January 7, 2013

FRINGE | David Wu's theory about the child Observer's actual identity

In the 2009 Fringe Season 1 episode "Inner Child," we were introduced to the character who was lovingly referred to by many as "Creepy Bald Kid," or "CBK" for short. This kid "resurfaced" in Season 5, is now called "Michael," and seems to be a the key for saving the universe.

Who is he, really?

My theory is that he is actually the physical manifestation of Henry, son of Peter Bishop and the alt-verse-Olivia Dunham - and, technically, prime Olivia's son as well, since both Livs have the same DNA... Yes, the one whose existance was supposedly erased when Peter went into the machine. It seems, to me, that Donald/September utilized this loophole of a person/being/entity as an anomaly that could save the world.

I won't go into a multi-paragraphed borefest of explanation for my theory. Instead, I will present to you a very organized and mindblowing bulleted list of thoughts that seek to verify my prediction:
  • Just as Peter somehow "returned" to existance, perhaps something parallel happened to Henry.
  • Donald/September made it a point to reveal the prior existance of Henry to Peter (the coma brain connection scene), in Season 4 episode "The End of All Things."
  • Henry's chromosomes/DNA were utilized by Walternate to manipulate the machine - and perhaps September was able to utilize this aspect as well.
  • So how could Peter and Liv meet their future offspring back in Season 1? No problem. Just as September could move that one VSC rocker's son through time, he can do it with the kid. Move him to the future to be known as an "anomaly." Move him back to the "Inner Child" Season events. No problem indeed - hey, Donald is on it!
  • "Anomaly XB-6783746"? XB = Ex-Bishop.

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