Thursday, January 20, 2011

An interview of Roscoe Joyce, former keyboardist of Violet Sedan Chair

DAVID WU: Thanks for taking the time to speak with us for a few moments, sir!

ROSCOE JOYCE: Wu! How in the blazes did you get here?

DW: I drove. I think all of us Fringe fans are excited about your appearance in the upcoming episode, "The Firefly," which will be aired this Friday, Jan. 21. Do you watch the show?

ROSCOE: Not as much since Season 1, to be honest. It seems like a great show. I remember a great subplot involving an agent who died, but somehow stayed around for half a season. It was great plot. Great Scott! I forget the agent's first name.

DW: Interesting. Do you enjoy the resurgence of the popularity of your former band?

ROSCOE: Definitely! I want our music to be heard for all time. Well, you better not hook up your amplifier to the record player - there's a slight possibility for overload.

DW: So now that it's years later, what current road are you on with your music?

ROSCOE: Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads! But I do have one thing to say: wohohoho, the future is looking a who-o-o-llle lot better now that I personally dropped off old vinyl records in used record shops around these here fine United States.

DW: Yeah, a fan named Kiki found one of the vinyls a few days ago here in Seattle's Easy Street Records, the Queen Anne store! And then another one found it at the Easy Street Records in West Seattle... and then I found one and bought it for five dollars plus tax at the West Seattle location just today! Thanks for doing that, man.

ROSCOE: Fans of Fringe, please excuse the crudity of this method of distribution. But it works! It works!

DW: Congratulations, again! Any last thought for Fringe fans?

ROSCOE: Just one - remember, Fringe is what you make it!


M Watts said...

Hi there! I found another record! in Seattle also at the Easy Street location in West Seattle! So excited!! Pictures can be found on my blog:

David Wu said...

Hey there, M Watts! I went to the same location and picked one up for myself!

M Watts said...

Fricking Sweet! I knew they would drop more there! Post pictures!!!