Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fringemunks: Some random thoughts as I near completion of Season 2 songs

Just wanted to say that The Fringemunks project, in retrospect, almost single-handedly resurrected my music career. Before it, my music career was in shambles, and was in disappointment mode. With music ministry coming to a screeching halt in 2007, and with my music not generating much buzz, I led the life of many a-musician, just inching by, making music and hoping people would listen. Not too many people did over time.

The Fringemunks and all the buzz resulting from it gave me the adrenaline/motivation I needed. It really is nice to know people are listening to the songs - even in a silly project like this. The fact people actually come to me and ask me "what song is next?" rather than me having to motivate people to listen, is something I'm not as accustomed to. Some celebrities have heard the songs, too. Who would have thought?

So, anyway, 5 songs left for me to recap for Season 2. Epis. 2.18: The Man from the Other Side will involve the 'munks singing about the David Wu character in one part, which will be fun. I'll parody Red Hot Chili Pepper's "Otherside." I'll use an instrumental stripped down to its bare essence.

Then Epis. 2.19: Brown Betty will be one of the most talked about productions of the entire Fringemunks repertoire, I can predict. How do I recap a somewhat "musical" episode with music? I think I found a way.

Then Epis. 2.20: Northwest Passage. Well, since that Pearl Jam dude scored this episode, would it be feasible for me to parody Pearl Jam? I haven't decided if I will yet, but that would be an obvious option.

Then Epis.'s 2.21 & 2.22: Over There, Parts 1 & 2 ... being that they were separated out, I will opt to create 2 songs, one for each part. If I try to combine it into 1 song, it will either be too long because I want to mention all the details, or it will be at regular length and I will end up missing out on mentioning some key details. Considering that there are zeppelins in the sky on the other side, would it make sense for me to parody a Led Zeppelin song to recap one of the parts? And how will our final Season 2 song end? I think I found the most epic way.

And perhaps I'll sing, without my voice sped-up, for a verse or so in one of the 5 remaining songs. Who knows? And can you believe that there will be 43 Fringemunk songs about Fringe in existence? ...and counting...

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