Friday, January 2, 2009

Let's start off the year with a blog entry, shall we not

I've had this blog up for a while, but I haven't been utilizing it. It has been collecting dust. Having said that, I have a lot to write about, and a few things already planned - so, expect some sort of resurgence of this. But who is the audience?

It's a challenge, being that this blog is a subsection of the overall website, and no one seems to be visiting this blog too much. That's OK - a challenge is good.

What's the point of this blog? To rant and rave about music. And hopefully be of some worth to people, enough for people to visit - even on an infrequent basis. One day this blog WILL be an integral part of both the website and my musical endeavors. Oh, if you have the heart, please follow me (see "Followers" on the right, and also see video at the bottom of this post). Let the Spirit move you.

A concerted effort filled with "Pardon me sir/ma'am ... I have a blog and I link to yours" seems almost pathetic and laughable by age 30. But also, knowing myself, and knowing how great I can be when it comes to self-promotion (as supposed to how it used to be: overly passive in regards to asserting myself), I'll do it. Value can overcome desperation, and I know it.

OK, so here's the game plan: 1) somehow get people to click into here, and 2) provide substance. And 3) know that an audience is out there, waiting to be.

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